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Plastic pallet manufacturers folding plastic turnover box six big color difference factor analysis

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Plastic pallet manufacturers folding plastic turnover box six big color difference factor analysis in the production process of folding plastic turnover box, color processing is an important part of the turnover box production, can guarantee the good appearance of the image. However, in the actual process, the off color problem is always accompanied by the production of turnover box. Through the analysis of the following six factors affecting color, we can better control plastic turnover box off color. Plastic pallet manufacturers 1. Control of injection molding machine and mold the influence of factors on the turnover box color injection molding machine selection shall be equal to the capacity of the folding plastic turnover box. If the material corner problems in injection molding machine, the equipment should be replaced. If the color difference is caused by the casting system and exhaust slot, will be to repair the mold to the corresponding part to solve the problem. You must first solve the problem of injection molding machine and mold, and then you can organize production in order to reduce the complexity of the problem. Plastic pallet manufacturers 2. Eliminate raw materials for resin and pigment affect turnover box color control fold turnover box material is the key to thoroughly solve the problem of color difference. When production turnover box, especially the light color products, raw materials for thermal stability of the resin on the fluctuation of product color should not be ignored. Therefore, folding turnover box manufacturers should pay attention to production management and raw material inspection. Strengthen the incoming inspection, the raw material of the same products as far as possible by the same manufacturer, same brand master, master color to production. And also need to compare to check the shade of the different batches, color difference is not big can determine whether qualified, slight colour can be mixed, use will reduce their mixed uneven color difference. At the same time, we also need to check the raw material of resin and pigment thermal stability. For the thermal stability, we suggest that the manufacturers to replace them. 3. Eliminate uneven color masterbatch of hybrid effect on the turnover box color folding plastic turnover box mother mixed with color balance will also make the product color changes. When the mix color masterbatch and machine tools, they through the absorber to the hopper. Due to electrostatic effect, the color of the parent metal and the parent metal separation and easy adsorption in the hopper walls. In this case, the raw material can be inhaled in the hopper, and then artificial mixing. Plastic pallet manufacturers. 4. Reduce the influence of barrel temperature on the turnover box color due to the heating ring or uncontrollable heating control unit fault, often encountered in the production of turnover box, the color difference in folding. Caused by the reason of color difference is easy to determine. , usually caused by damage to the heating ring failure plasticizing, the brightness of the photo will be accompanied by uneven heating and control part of uncontrolled combustion have a common point, serious coking discoloration and like it very much. , therefore, need to frequently check in the production of folding box, the heating element, and the heating parts damaged or out of control when the replacement and repair heating components, in order to reduce the possibility of this kind of color difference. 5. Reduce the influence of injection molding process adjustment to the turnover box coloring when folded due to no color adjustment turnover box process parameters, should not change the injection temperature, pressure, injection cycle and chromaticity. In addition, it should be at the same time to observe the effects of process parameters change on the color and luster. If found the color difference, should timely adjust. As far as possible to avoid high speed injection, injection molding process back pressure is higher in highly shearing factors, to avoid the thermal decomposition of local overheating or the brightness of the photo. Strictly control the temperature of the cylinder for each of the heating part, especially the heating part of the nozzle and close to the heating part of the nozzle. Plastic pallet manufacturers 6. Master cylinder temperature and masterbatch affect turnover box color before the adjustment of folding plastic turnover box off color, it is necessary to understand the color changes with the temperature and color of the trend. Stamper produced by different color temperature or color female version of the change of the quantity is different. Rules can change through the process to determine the color test. Many customers will be through folding plastic turnover box off color to identify the quality of the container. Therefore, color difference control not only involves the product appearance and image, also involves consumers on the quality of the turnover box. In the process of production, therefore, manufacturers should always pay attention to affect turnover box color
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