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Plastic pallet manufacturers, has realized the shortage in the market

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
According to unofficial statistics, so far, China Plastic collapsible cratethere are ten kinds of specifications of products, at present, although there are many kinds of plastic pallet manufacturers plastic pallet manufacturers, but in general, plastic pallet manufacturers are in a state of oversupply.

but the specification after the announcement has not been effectively implemented, many companies did not even perform this rule. Also add to the standard of imperfect plastic support the high cost of plastic pallet manufacturers a major factor. Plastic pallet manufacturers main reason is that specification can't meet the writer of the practical need of enterprise.

in addition, the plastic pallet manufacturers use different standards, thus increasing the export cost of logistics enterprises, some enterprises have to join the use of plastic pallet manufacturers. As a result, since there is no unified standard of production, most companies choose on the basis of a single stock products, must increase the cost of production. The tray Jin Wei deputy director of the special committee in charge of the reporter. Today, most enterprises of plastic pallet manufacturers are all work in their own businesses. When products smooth circulation between enterprises, most enterprises need to replace the tray, does not need to manually transfer and unloading. Increase the costs.

the application method of backward also makes the plastic pallet manufacturers cannot fully to the interests of the application, and delimit the four universal standard pallet specifications, the enthusiasm of the plastic pallet manufacturers also drops, even abandoned shopping center. It is known that plastic pallet manufacturers of technical requirements, experiment method, product category, maintenance rules, and transportation, identification, storage and other basic requirements, due to the plastic pallet manufacturers, they face the reality of 'tray after product first', the product specifications can only according to the needs of users, enterprises can only try to meet the requirements of users.

in this paper, by the plastic pallet manufacturers, this view does not represent the views.
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