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Plastic pallet manufacturers of transmission system

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
Plastic pallet manufacturers system begins with the unloading line, coal belt conveyor are dual configuration, in terms of its cross set 2, without inverse coal flow is started, is often used to flow in the coal car run. If a specific point in a plastic tray system fails, then the system before the point of failure of a total of nine different working procedures, by controlling the coal drop pipe file pull location to choose different kinds of working procedures.
plastic pallet manufacturers system program flow chart of start-up and shutdown. When the program after the choice, start the way choice to avoid the no-load running of belt conveyor, normally adopt suitable coal. If plastic pallet manufacturers belt conveyor for downtime, to prevent the belt from causing run coal or wall to save coal coal accident, reboot inverse coal flow procedure shall be implemented, or directly select inverse coal flow initiator. If the plastic pallet by coal, coal unloading line that choose to run the program. System operation is normal, original belt are not save coal, can be started in the direction of flow in the coal, first starting starting sequence pa take a certain time delay of cheng make starting. start signal, speed and coal flow signal and logical relationship. Starting with the same logic, if failed to start because of some circumstances, will not start. to run once the equipment is out of order, the fault detection link to parking program. At this time by accident memory link will automatically be transferred to inverse coal flow starting mode, can be exempted from malignant accidents. Inverse coal flow starting levels is belt from the back forward starting, order belt all starting to end, remove the fault memory, normal operation of system. program flow if the system fails, the part of a circle of its monitoring link according to the part of the fault, a corresponding instructions. Fault belt executed immediately before parking, followed by the belt in the coal flow direction order delay stop, In the last level of a fault belt, are all stop immediately. Plastic pallet manufacturers fault memory segment will automatically flow in the coal block starting sequence, open starting sequence inverse coal flow, send out sound and light alarm signal, at the same time before failure to lift system are not allowed to start.
manufacturer of plastic pallet flow sensor signals is set up in order to reduce the no-load running time of belt conveyor, both in terms of coal flow will arrive in the before, after a certain time delay to start the belt conveyor. Plastic pallet speed signal is in the top level of the belt speed to achieve the rating after sent out, ordered the next level belt, belt slippage in case or transverse fracture caused by coal drop pipe plugging run coal and coal accidents.
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