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Plastic pallet manufacturers: plastic tray surface treatment technology is introduced

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
Why need to deal with plastic pallet surface? To introduce the following reasons: the plastic can be divided into two categories, thermoplastic and thermosetting plastic. Under normal circumstances, thermosetting plastic is easier than thermoplastic glue joint. But their surface energy were lower than the hydrophilic material such as glass, ceramic, metal, and they often surface adhesion mold release or escape plasticizer, therefore not easy infiltration by adhesive, so as to affect the bonding strength. Therefore, all needs to the plastic surface treatment commonly.
method this method is suitable for the teflon and other fluorocarbon polymer. Degreasing solvents: toluene, acetone, butanone, ring already ketone in the following after degreasing solution soak for 30 min at room temperature sodium hydroxide: 10 has diene melamine: 8 and then dried at room temperature. 2 the method for radiation induced grafting method. The high-energy rays, such as cobalt - Ray 60 or 2000 & Aring; Under ultraviolet light, plastic tray in the presence of styrene monomer, make the fluorine plastic surface produces slight degradation, active center at the chain end, forming a layer of transparent graft copolymer. Color the same after treated with this method, electric performance is not falling. Method 3 will be refined naphthalene 128 g dissolved in 1000 ml of tetrahydrofuran ( Or ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, ethylene glycol dimethyl ether, dioxane) , within 2 h under stirring slowly add metallic sodium 23 g, strictly control the temperature in the 3 - 5°C。 To continue after stirring the solution is dark blue. under nitrogen protection, will be treated as teflon in 5 min, then remove and rinse with cold water, and then washed with distilled water, warm air drying. This method is safe and reliable, high bonding strength, is currently the fluorine plastic surface treatment method used most frequently. Method 4 this method is mainly used in polyethylene, polypropylene, polyisobutylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), chlorinated polyvinyl chloride. The plastic degrease solvent of acetone and ethyl ketone. After degreasing, oxidizing flame processing: to use emery cloth make its coarsening, plastic tray to place it in oxidizing flame burn 3 - on 5 s, three times in a row. With 30% sodium hydroxide solution, 65 - 70 ° C impregnating 3 - 5 min, rinse with cold water, then use the following solution activation, 65 - 70 ° C impregnating 5 - 10 min, chromic acid, sulfuric acid: 20 water: 40, the Plastic collapsible crateare washed again in the following 70 - in the solution 5-75 ° C oxidation 7 min: then in 70 - Hot water washing 5-75 ° C 7 min, in 65 - after washed with distilled water 70 ° C and dry. Methods 5 this method apply to plastic pallet. In the following solution at 20 ° C under processing 90 min: sodium dichromate: 5 sulfate ( d = 1。 84). Water: 100:8 washed with cold water after drying at room temperature.
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