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Plastic pallet manufacturers said plastic tray structure development good reason

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Plastic pallet manufacturers said plastic tray structure development good causes general plastic tray components are epdm, natural rubber, and other materials, it can help plastic tray of aging become more slowly, and then the material properties page is for corrosion resistance, moistureproof, prevent mildew and other benefits. Secondary development and the formula is not according to the market to the analysis of the demand, and can be more resistant to high temperature, anti-oxidation, it is not easy to deformation of the material. So it is a huge number of plastic pallet companies also began to constantly innovative products to increase sales. In recent years, as the domestic environmental protection calls for more and more high, coupled with Europe, America, Japan and other countries and regions on imports wood packaging ( Including the wooden pallet) Harsh judgment of inspection and quarantine requirements, plastic pallet manufacturers in the very great degree is more and more limit the use of wooden pallets. And plastic tray with its abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, light weight, can be completely recycled and other excellent features, development prospects are increasingly bullish, even by the industry as the varieties of the tray. export packaging transport has played a key role in the international logistics. Tray as a small cargo carrier, through overall pattern, packaging, transport, goods to the container, form the carrier of a large, convenient for international logistics. The goods from the warehouse to deserve to send to export transportation. Middle saves a lot of manpower and material resources, financial resources, save a lot of money for plastic turnover box manufacturers. Cut the cost of plastic turnover box manufacturers, foreign trade, increase the plastic turnover box factory foreign trade competitiveness, improve the competitive advantage in international market. At present, the domestic plastic pallet manufacturers of Plastic collapsible cratestructure are basically can achieve forklift four-way into fork. This structure can be achieved regardless of the forklift truck from which party to do turn over, can provoke a tray to use more flexible and more convenient. Field character of the structure of the tray in the export, but also can implement high container stowage. Increase the container space utilization, reduce the transportation into this. Now, however, the pallet industry still exist certain problems, from some ways to improve that we have to make the tray better service for the logistics industry. First of all, because of the use of plastic tray means relatively backward, so can't fully play tray big advantage. Second, tray mode of turnover is not very good, is restricted by a certain, higher costs in the process of circulation use. Many plastic turnover box factory are in internal flow tray plastic turnover box factory, it takes a lot of manual handling, its work efficiency is very low, it can't be like hoist only need a small amount of human can finish a lot of work. Moreover, the tray of the specifications of the now is a mess, with international specifications, some plastic turnover box manufacturer in order to use the international transport, order from the pallet industry, a large amount of substandard tray this aeriform in increasing the traveler, reduces the competitiveness. Flat plastic tray main application range plastic pallet manufacturers is the main application field in food and pharmaceutical industry, general drinks and oral liquid products such as the weight will be heavier, other are not so heavy. With the development of economy and the improvement of living standards, people's health requirements for food and pharmaceutical industry is more and more high, also for food and medicine safety, most manufacturers choose to use plastic plate tray, after introduce plastic pallet packaging have any requirements? In general Plastic collapsible crateis used for the turnover of goods, warehousing, transportation, then we respectively analyzed from the three aspects. Plastic pallet manufacturers plastic plastic can be divided into internal and external, internal flow can be according to the height of transport door to confirm how much we need to pack. Warehouse to warehouse height to determine the height of the packaging. Plastic pallet manufacturers transport cargo van height to confirm the height of the packaging, of course, we should set aside when loading and unloading operation space. In exports will consider the height of the container, when the general container height in the 2. 13 meters.
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