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Plastic pallet manufacturers talk about flash out of way

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Flash if not solve in time will be further expanded, and stamping mould forming local collapse, eventually may cause permanent damage. Insert aperture and DingGang porous material overflow also can make Plastic collapsible crateon the card in the mold, mold release.
material overflow caused by the plastic tray ( Flash) Causes the
1. Insufficient clamping force
when the injection pressure is greater than the mould clamping force make the mold parting surface or prone to flash flash when the bad. , one should check whether turbo charging too much, at the same time, should check the Plastic collapsible crateprojection area and whether the product of the molding pressure exceeds the clamping force of the equipment. The molding pressure for the average pressure in the mould, normal circumstances to 40 mpa calculation. Production box plastic tray, polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, and the molding pressure value of the ABS is about 30 mpa; Production shape deeper plastic pallet, the molding pressure value is about 36 mpa; In the production volume is less than 10 cubic centimeter small plastic tray, the molding pressure value is about 60 mpa. If the results for the clamping force is less than the Plastic collapsible crateprojection area and the product of the molding pressure, suggests that insufficient clamping force or injection pressure is too high. Injection pressure shall be reduced or reduce cross-section of note mouth, also can shorten the holding and pressurization time, reduce the injection stroke, or consider reducing cavity number and switch to clamping tonnage injection molding machine.
2. Plastic pallet material temperature is too high,
high temperature melt in the melt viscosity is small, the flow performance is good, molten material can flow into the mold in the small aperture of flash flash. Appeared after the flash flash, therefore, should consider the appropriate to reduce the cylinder, the nozzle and the mold temperature, to shorten injection cycle.
for a low viscosity of molten material such as polyamide, if only by changing molding condition to solve the flash flash defect is difficult. As far as possible should be appropriate to lower the temperature at the same time, precision machining and mould, reduce the die clearance.
mould plastic pallet mould defects is the main reason for the flash flash, when appear more flash flash must carefully check the mold, should be audited again parting surface, on the dynamic model with the mould, and check whether the parting surface is close the joint, mold and mold core part of the sliding wear gap is very poor. Parting surface with or without adhesive or fall into foreign body, whether parallel between template, with or without bending deformation, template from any press mold thickness to adjust to the right place, guide us whether pin surface damage, tie rod presence of uneven deformation, exhaust slot are too big too deep. According to the results of the inspection step by step, to produce the error should be ruled out using the method of mechanical processing.
4. Injection molding, improper control of technical conditions

plastic pallet manufacturers if injection speed too fast, injection time too long, the injection pressure distribution in the cavity, mold filling rate is not balanced, and shoes too much, lubricant use too much will lead to flash flash, operation should take corresponding measures for your specific situation. Deserves attention is that eliminate flash flash problems must begin from eliminate mold problems, if change due to flash flash molding conditions or raw materials formula, often a bad impact on other aspects, easy to cause other molding fault.

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