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Plastic pallet manufacturers talk about plastic products is more and more pay attention to environmental protection

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
As we all know, there are some plastic product is difficult to fully biodegradable materials. In the case of not reasonable recovery exercise, a lot of waste plastic products are discarded into the ocean of life, the cause of Marine pollution. Streets plastic garbage is also can be seen everywhere. As usual industrial plastic products are recycled in processing, such as: plastic tray, plastic crates, plastic crate many industrial fields such as products. Our country is the world's largest producer of plastic products and consumer stainless steel ball valve, as the volume has increased year by year, is bound to produce a large amount of waste plastic. How useful the waste plastic, waste is the industry at present is special is the title of in the face. At present, the renewable resources have become a special industrial production is very nervous source of raw materials. Of the industry in the national economy status and role, is also gradually highlights. Recycled plastic industry has become a new trend in the plastic industry. For recycled plastic industry environmental protection finishing important focus on two points, one is the waste plastic import and flow to the topic, but in the process of reprocessing the environmental pollution caused by the subject.
because domestic recovery system is not perfect, waste plastics resources are not fully exercise their app development, most of domestic production enterprises of recycled plastic material procurement from abroad. Therefore, imported from abroad 'foreign garbage', will produce new environmental problems, has always been questioned by the environmentalists. The personage inside course of study points out, in view of the recycled plastic industry of environmental protection in small workshops processing enterprises influence tension, less influence on enterprises above designated size. Companies such small workshops as part of the industrial chain to the lowest, belongs to the backward production capacity, is not consistent with the development of the industry needs. In the process of product processing, adopt the style of rough handling, only to find the profit of products, part of profit point of low or no processing power, discarded. Secondary pollution subject is mostly from the small business, now this kind of mill, like those who entered the industrial park is a different personnel examination site in xian, environmental protection shall be the responsibility of the park the same as usual, the enterprise contribution to cut the cost of the pollution treatment, this is much better. Now, with the increased awareness of environmental protection agent persist failure of energy, green environmental protection as the world's common development of the theme, in our country, since June 1, 2008, in all supermarkets, shopping malls, marketplaces and other places of retail execution system of paid use of plastic shopping bags, the same shall not provide free plastic shopping bags. The May Day holiday just bag yesterday, in each big scenic spot, remains the same everywhere, plastic bags in the pollution of the environment at the same time the streetscape. Back in China in terms of the use of plastic bags is necessary to strengthen management, reduce white pollution, also can reduce energy to exercise. When we travel back on the, never see everywhere disorderly throw plastic bags, to confirm our precious environment consciousness has been promoted to a higher realm.
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block tray also called MANOJ tray or four-way pallet, block tray usually consisting of four to twelve matching wooden board. They can range according to the length, due to the different size necessary to different products. Used for the longitudinal beam of block tray is determined by the length of the.
block tray width is used by the tray of perpendicular to the length of the rectangular plate length. A tray can part or all of keyword optimization, four to into the fork. Making it easier to transport.
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