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Plastic pallet manufacturers: various types and applications of plastic pallet

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
Plastic pallet manufacturers: the kinds and application of all kinds of plastic tray

1 tablet plastic tray

flat plastic is mainly used in newspaper printing, paper industry, etc. Some word plastic tray, sichuan faults mainly cost is more expensive than nine feet light tray, load varies according to the structure, but its weight is much higher than light tray.

2 heavy duty plastic tray

is mainly used in the transportation of heavy goods, has the good performance, mainly used in machinery forklift, relative wooden pallets have higher loads, the surface is smooth, does not rust, not easy to scratch products, corrosion resistance, etc. , holding forklift does not apply to heavy tray, because the load is hand forklift without any security measures, easy to cause personal injury, but the heavy tray price is higher, the general consumer is hard to bear, but it has a lot of good performance, in the future in the pallet industry will become the most outstanding in the industry.

3 light plastic tray

is mainly used in carrying the lighter goods, the more common is nine feet plastic tray, a significant advantage of this kind of plastic pallet is low cost, lightweight, can cooperate with manual forklift or machinery forklift truck, the size of the more common is,
1200 * 1000 * 140 1100 * 1100 * 140 1200 * 800 * 140
1200 * 900 * 140, etc. , can effectively save space when idle, when transportation, also can effectively reduce transport costs, applicable to some load lighter goods, plus a further advantage of this kind of tray can be nested, its disadvantage is that capacity is not high, is mainly influenced by its structure, not suitable for mechanical processing, such as heavy cargo handling, most of the other light tray belongs to nine feet tray, so also can only be used in the ground, in case of pot-holed uneven ground will cause the stress of the tray, even is the damage of the tray.

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