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Plastic pallet manufacturers: what causes the deformation of plastic tray is?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-07
after deformation influence the stability of the pallet packed first, either plastic pallet itself, the pattern or the goods piled up on the tray. Manufacturer of plastic tray for product quality assurance is durable, but some customer response, part of the deformation in the course of using the plastic pallet in the situation. Part-time because tray deformation, some vehicle can not match to use, resulting in a decline in the capacity of the plastic tray.

plastic pallet manufacturers, the type of procurement to meet the requirements of bearing plastic tray, if exceed its capacity, customers when choosing Plastic collapsible cratetype shall, first of all, according to their own industry considering bearing problem of plastic tray, plastic tray will be out of shape, that what causes the deformation of plastic tray is?

1, the uneven distribution of the stress point, will cause the deformation of the plastic tray; If placed in the cargo, the weight of the goods is concentrated on the edge of the plastic tray part, cargo weight and have no the middle layer, that is sure to cause plastic deformation of the tray.

2, plastic pallet manufacturers of different Plastic collapsible cratecan bearing capacity is limited, the placement of goods more than a layer of plastic pallet load, namely plastic pallet at the time of purchase, the manufacturer will choose corresponding materials according to the layer of the load, if in the process of actual use, plastic tray above more than the weight of the goods when select material, the weight of the plastic pallet deformation occurs.

3, incorrect handling operations, in some cases, use the unit with plastic pallet handling forklift operation, on the goods by the forklift driver's problem, can lead to a forklift arms hit the plastic tray, which can lead to deformation of the tray.

4, if the plastic pallet material selection for the reason, the customer at the time of purchase plastic tray, will inevitably encounter some bad pallet manufacturers, to cut corners, of others, so that the plastic pallet deformation of soft, fragile happens.

deformation of plastic pallet is plastic pallet manufacturers don't want to see, but also for customers to use method of pervasive plastic tray, in addition to continuously improve the quality of the tray, try to improve the correctness of the use of plastic tray to prolong its service life.

in this paper, by the plastic pallet manufacturers, this view does not represent the views.
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