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Plastic pallet material identification

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
New material: Plastic collapsible crateis not a single refers to the new production of plastic tray, is pure raw material to produce the plastic tray ( Don't add back material) 。
the easiest way to identify is beautiful beautiful color, good gloss is pure raw material to produce, and adding the reworked material plastic tray color dim and dull.
Plastic collapsible crateprice let us, for example: 20 kg a tray, the raw material price is 11 yuan/kg, the raw material cost is 220. 00 this tray in plus the processing fee is not less than 300. 00, it was made clear, the tray should be what price, low price that you have a problem with the raw materials must be.
new material of plastic tray deflection is very good, even in the cold storage temperature more than 20 degrees below zero, deflection is better; Add back the material tray, its brittleness increases, the deflection is reduced, under the condition of low temperature is easy to damage.
general new tray and add back the material tray by weight is not easy to distinguish, because they are almost the same (the weight of the The focus of the general material back) , their weight is basically the same, just the tray deflection is different.
the same mold production of plastic tray, if it is a new material plastic pallet, weight lighter than add the material tray 0. 3 kg, this is because the back because of the impurities, since.
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