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Plastic pallet production process safety rules

by:Qusheng     2020-10-31
Plastic pallet production process safety rules ( Qusheng plastic revised edition, 2014 - 3. 16)
a, equipment operation process, in addition to the computer control panel, it is forbidden to touch other parts.
2, equipment maintenance must be carried out after the machine stop.
3, putting the special system, it is strictly prohibited to freely adjust injection parameters.
4, all maintenance must be recorded in the maintenance records, used to judge the common security hidden danger, screening in the bud.
five, must the tooling, a helmet, prevent slippery shoes to prevent the happening of the accident.
6, pain to work must be kept open.
7, equipment downtime during tool changing, in addition to the heating screw must close all the power.
eight, plastic tray, automated production process, may not open the door ahead of time, such as special cases need to deal with to be agreed after repair the monitor rear accessibility.
9, computer malfunction alarm equipment end, staff immediately withdraw, will end computer equipment switching to manual mode.
10, equipment anomalies or abrasive loss and other major emergency, immediately switch equipment to stop state, immediately inform maintenance of monitor.
11, in case of plastic pallet mould closing, the maintenance personnel resolutely no admittance.
12, equipment downtime more than 48 hours, if any personnel shall not close to the heating screw after preheating, in order to prevent the hot melt adhesive splash causing injuries.
13, note mouth to placing high-strength magnets to daughter-in-law renewable class of iron impurity in the material.
14, note in automation equipment during drying process, it is forbidden to inward looking, cause harm to the staff in order to avoid hot steam.
15, reasonable must use the specified voltage.
16, all injection and connecting hoses should be using a special type. Heat stress parameters must be up to standard.
17, heat conduction oil use brand and trial quantity must be registered.
18, mold cooling circulating water to use pure water, in does not have water purification conditions, to be a moderate amount of corrosion inhibitor or oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid is strictly prohibited.
the procession, the navigation or in the process of running, near the front must not have personnel, must hold relevant certificates.
20, navigation need to check once a week, stop, driving track.
the 21st, the navigation using absolutely prohibited or use wire to make overloads.
22, waste crushing processing table should be according to the effective power of crusher for cutting.
23, you can use the plastic pallet mould each routine inspection and maintenance ( Mold polishing, waterway maintenance, tank cleaning of thermal conductivity, hydraulic pipeline dredge, etc. )

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