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Plastic pallet size you understand?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Plastic pallet size you understand? Manufacturer of plastic tray plastic tray specification and size is an important standard logistics unitization. and storage shelves, handling of the product, container, transportation vehicles, unloading platform and handling facilities has a direct relationship, so the specifications of the plastic tray and the size is the basis of considering other logistics equipment size. The specifications of the plastic tray 1, according to the structure can be divided into: light plastic trays, plastic tray, nine foot type sichuan type plastic tray type, field type plastic tray, double-sided plastic tray. 2, according to the surface shape can be divided into: plate type plastic tray and the grid type plastic tray. 3, light plastic tray is divided into: grid light plastic tray and flat light plastic tray. 4, plastic tray is divided into nine feet: grid nine feet plastic tray plastic tray and tablet nine feet. is divided into five, sichuan words: grid sichuan word plastic tray plastic tray and flat plain words. 6, tian word plastic tray is divided into: grid field plastic tray and flat field words plastic tray. 7, double-sided plastic tray is divided into: grid double-sided Plastic collapsible crateand flat-panel double-sided plastic tray. The size of the plastic tray (plastic pallet size Length x width, unit: mm) 1200 x 1000, or 1210, and so on, there are many plastic pallet height standard height: 140 mm and 150 mm, customers can choose according to plastic pallet size selection method is suitable for the plastic pallet specifications. If it is a certain industry, can choose specific special plastic pallet size. Below for general situation, the union YunCang to introduce to you, when choosing the tray size should pay attention to several factors: 1, want to consider the size of transport and transport equipment, the right tray size should comply with the size of the transport, can make full use of the space transportation, improve the cubed out, reduce transport costs, especially to consider shipping container and transportation of commercial vehicles of the casing size. 2, want to consider the packing specification of pallet loading of the goods: according to the pallet loading of the goods packaging specifications to choose the appropriate tray, as far as possible to make the big of tray surface area, the weight of the goods carried by the control level. Reasonable index of the pallet load the goods as follows: 80% tray surface area of the utilization, the weight of the goods carried by the height should not be more than two-thirds of the width of the tray. 3, want to consider the universality of pallet size: should choose international standard pallet specifications, as much as possible to facilitate the exchange of tray and use. 4, want to consider the use of pallet size area: pallet loading goods flow directly affect the choice of the pallet size. Usually the goods went to Europe to choose 1210 tray ( 1200毫米×1000毫米) Or 1208 tray ( 1200mm×800mm) ; The goods to Japan, South Korea should choose 1111 tray ( 1100毫米×1100毫米) ; To Oceania goods should choose 1140 mm * 1140 mm or 1067 mm * 1067 mm tray; The goods to the United States should choose 48 inches x 40 inches tray, domestic commonly used 1210 pallets sent to the United States. 1200 mm * 1000 mm tray used widely in the whole world, also widely used in China. Plastic pallet manufacturers plastic pallet size and specifications for each country and the manufacturer are not identical, plastic pallet size and specifications very much, but most of the small size and specification is relatively single, only several or a dozen size.
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