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Plastic pallet standards at home and abroad

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
Share system tray ( 托盘交换系统) Tray is responsible for leasing, recycling, maintenance and update of social service system. It is under the government regulations and guidance, led by tray production enterprises and logistics enterprises, or by the logistics industry in various related benefit main body joint participation, or guide the folk capital investment by the government, the main domestic ports, docks, airports, railway freight station, large and medium-sized retail centers and major traffic crossing, establish responsible for tray leasing, recycling, maintenance and update service site, accelerate the tray between production enterprises, logistics companies and sales cycle, promote the tray transport and mechanical operation, improve logistics efficiency, shorten the time of supply, reduce logistics costs of social service network. The working process of the share system tray as shown in figure 1.
in the early sixties and seventies of the last century, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Canada and other advanced developed countries as the main transport hubs such as port terminals, railway freight station and all kinds of large and medium-sized wholesale market, set up logistics tray recycling, leasing service site, built a very complete tray sharing system, and established the corresponding national or international industry association, responsible for the coordination and management of tray, such as the European Union has established its headquarters in Paris the eu tray association. Australia benefited from the Pacific war, is the earliest country with a tray sharing system in the world. U. S. forces in the Pacific war last century 30 s first use tray to transport military supplies, improve logistics ability, and joint materials handling continuous committee was established in Australia, 盟军材料处理常务委员会,AMHSC) 。 After the second world war, in 1946 the government was built with the left by U. S. military tray and equipment federal handling equipment sharing system ( 英联邦搬运设备池CHEP) , Australia government under the leadership of the liberal party in 1949 decided to CHEP privatisation, selling them to the Bramble group in 1958. Under the management of Bramble group company, in a few years, CHEP as the southern hemisphere's largest tray operation company. CHEP currently has 7500 employees, in 42 countries around the world has more than 500 service centers provide services to 500000 manufacturers and retailers, to carry 2. 5 million logistics equipment, a day to send, recycling, maintenance, cleaning and recycling. 2. 5. 5 billion pallets and containers.
once the gate station in Beijing and Shanghai in 1965 in China station between counterpart exchanges method is used to realize the tray transport; In the 80 s, the ministry of communications has appropriated in Shanghai and dalian port a pallet transport line promotion. The two projects are because of management system, management mechanism and tray standard and quality of failure, ultimately failed to guide the pallet rental service enterprise in our country, has been delayed for more than 20 years of golden development. Happily, the haier group in Qingdao in March 2004 to the group of raw materials suppliers and products distributor to provide pallet rental service, marking the tray sharing system in our country in the new century was born.
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