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Plastic pallets and forklifts

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
At the bottom of the Plastic collapsible crateaccording to the shape can be divided into a lot of kinds, not every kind of tray is and all of the forklift truck can be used, some plastic tray can only use machinery forklift, some belong to mechanical generic manually. Give a detailed description of below, each pallet with related features introduced: 1, double-sided use plastic tray
flat type double-sided plastic tray ( Can only be used for machinery forklift to use four)
grid type double-sided plastic tray ( Can only be used for machinery forklift to use four)

2, single use plastic tray plate nine foot type plastic tray; Grid nine foot type plastic tray ( Mechanical or manual can be four to use)
flat field type plastic tray; The grid field type plastic tray ( Can only be used for machinery forklift to use four)
tablet sichuan type plastic tray; Grid sichuan type plastic tray ( Four to use machinery forklift truck, manual forklift two-way use)
whether general main mechanical manual forklifts shall see tray at the bottom of the structure, such as double or field words tray due to the bottom of beam or plate, lead to manual forklift cannot enter, even into cannot be used due to is a fork in the middle of the tray.

when consumers in the purchase of plastic tray must choose according to their actual usage, so as not to buy a tray is not suitable for their own products.

plastic pallets and forklifts
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