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Plastic pallets of goods packed

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
In order to ensure the operation safety, stability, Plastic collapsible cratemust adopt a variety of different combinations of the goods on the pallet, the current common has the following four types of pallet.

1, superimposed. In the so-called superimposed in the way of pallet, each layer of the goods arranged map are exactly the same, by many close to the deposit of pillar shape and form a unit of goods. Arrange the same way because of the superimposed stacking layers, no cross lap, goods units tend to longitudinal split, stability is bad. Take this way code into high embankment, other stability measures must be taken, usually be fixed by adopting the method of add waist band. But from the encoder operating efficiency, give full play to the compressive strength of box body is various, such as ways, also can saying is the most ideal way of pallet.

make the shape of the crate a embedded superimposed is a measure to prevent the movement between the layers. A lot of such measures, beer case is a typical example.

2, positive and negative cross type. This way and building brick in the same way. The packaged goods is the typical example, the odd and even number layer graph pattern is 180 degrees.

in the way of palletizing and good lap between the layers, the stability of the plastic pallet. Rectangular tray with this way of pallet, case of vertical and horizontal size ratio of 2:3, suffer, and so on.

3, crisscross type. This is the odd and even number layer on the tray stacking manner according to the different direction. Compared with positive and negative cross type, crisscrossed the encoder map in the direction of the difference between two layer instead of 180 degrees 90 degrees. This way can only be used effectively to a square tray. Its pallet is simple operation, and also have overlapping between each layer, especially when using automatic encoder machine pallet, is the most ideal way.

4, rotating type. This way of pallet, also called the windmill stacking in each layer change the direction of wind 90 degrees between cambium lap, to ensure the stability of the pallet. Although this way of palletizing can also be used in rectangular tray, but, because of the large gap among lower utilization rate of the surface of the plastic tray, so it is advisable to use square tray.

the above four kinds of typical way of palletizing, generally can be divided into superimposed and staggered type two kinds. Staggered type is the positive and negative cross type, crisscrossed the floorboard of the type and rotating crisscross pattern. Generally the former possesses the advantages of easy stacking operation, the latter is the stability of plastic pallet goods is good. More than four is the most representative way of course, these forms can be used as the foundation, proposed various deformation mode of pallet, there are many instances in this aspect.

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