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Plastic Pharmaceutical Storage Crate with Attached Lid

Plastic Pharmaceutical Storage Crate with Attached Lid


In the midst of Covid-19 pandemic, Shanghai Qusheng Plastic is proud of the contributions we made in fighting and supporting the medical and healthy workers to work with ease. When a virus like this circulate all around the country, there was a need to supply testing kits, all the necessary treatments medication and protective gear for healthy workers.

Our plastic nesting and stacking containers became in handy transporting these necessities to the hospitals and testing centers in need. Plastic moving, storage and transporting totes aren’t like the normal corrugated boxes which will require production every time you need to supply these at different centers.

Our 560 tote stood out the most and they were supplied to Wuhan. They can be reused, they have attached lid preventing misplacing the lid, on top of that the lid has anti-theft locking hole for you to look the boxes making sure if it falls during transportation of your necessities, things don’t get to spill over.

In the medical department it’s now knows as plastic medical storage tote with lid. It boosts with a famous medical logo which can be printed in hot stamping printing style, silkscreen printing style or hot thermal printing style among other printing styles that we have.

It’s also one of our favorite plastic storage/moving box, it’s high quality made from 100% virgin PP material. In case where you need to move more than four boxes at the same time, you can use it with our dolly. It’s without a doubt that we take pride with this type of moving/storage boxes. When not in use they can be nested saving you up to 75% of space. 

The versatility of this plastic crate will amaze you, it’s certified to carry pharmaceutical products for hospital and clinic use. You can also use it to store your patients files. When in need of a huge quantity it’s ideal you contact us right away, our production team is capable on producing 1000pcs per day, using our automated producing machines. 

Understanding that these moving/storage totes are likely to be used in different industries color customization is available for each and every client, our team of professionals will assist you select a perfect color number that you need.

Since we are a manufacturer that has it’s own factory, there’s no limitation to the material of the plastic moving crate, each and every client can make special requirement of the material and we’ll make the plastic crate using that specific material, like HDPE for instance.

In case where you have fixed dimensions for a specific use of your moving box and our dimensions on the market doesn’t suit your personal use, don’t worry we got you. We support OEM, we’ll design the mold from scratch to suit your demands because we strive for customer satisfaction.

We are true believers to the saying that says “Leave no stone unturned”. Partnering with startup companies means something to us as we’re keen to get you started no matter how small the amount of the crates you need, it can be as little as 100pcs, we’ll get it done for you.

Are you looking for long warranty plastic moving crates that are suitable for any type of condition?! Look no further, Shanghai Qusheng Plastic has what you need, our moving and storage crates with hinged lid has a warranty of three years and are suitable for rough conditions with it’s robust design and anti-slip reinforced bottom design.

Are you concerned about our product quality? Are you hesitant to place a big order right away? We at Shanghai Qusheng Plastic offer best solutions when you’re undecided. We will offer you up to two free samples of any plastic product that we have from plastic moving box, plastic crate, shopping cart, plastic mesh crate with swing bars, collapsible plastic boxes for you to get to test it before you place a big order. On top of that we’ll reimburse you all the sample expenses when you get to place your big order.

Our business is built to support you every step of the way to make your purchasing experience, one to remember. Credit card payments via a secured payment link and T/T payment, including PayPal payment for the sample orders are all supported for you to choose one that’s most convenient for you.

Various types of packaging are also available, from pallet packaging, Nude packaging and Carton packaging. We don’t end there but also accept any packaging style that our clients propose we use, for as long as it convenient enough for them.

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