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Plastic products crisp four cause analysis

by:Qusheng     2021-03-08
Plastic products crisp is refers to the parts easy to crack or break in some places. Brittle is mainly due to material degradation of macromolecular chain scission, reduces the relative molecular mass of the molecules, so that the decline in the general physical properties of the polymer. Below by plastic pallet manufacturers for you, a little plastic products crisp four main reasons.
a, mold: gate is too small, should consider to adjust the gate size or adding auxiliary gate. Distributary channel is too small or misallocation, should try to arrange reasonable balance of reasonable size or increase the distributary channel. The mould structure bad cause abnormal injection cycle.
2, the problem of raw materials, is probably not a plastic itself quality, large molecular weight, molecular chain rigidity, large amount of other plastic doping, increased the bad additives, there are also more likely to be dust because of the cause, such as a plastic part like abs, catalytic reaction will happen when heated to be affected with damp be affected with damp, it can produce large strain, if plastic reprocessed so many times, if increase the raw material is too high heating time is too long, that will also make plastic brittle crack.
3, process problems: less with metal insert, such as polystyrene plastic of this kind of specific volume of brittleness of cold heat is big, can't join the insert molding. Mold temperature is too high, the nozzle temperature is too low, should be a little bit higher. If material easy to degrade, needs to increase the temperature of the barrel and nozzle,
4, equipment: barrel with death solution or obstacles, easy to cause degradation of melting. Machine plasticizing capacity is too small, plastic inside the barrel plasticizing inadequate; Machine plasticizing capacity is too big, plastic is heated and the shearing action in the barrel time is too long, plastic easy ageing, make the products crisp. Ejection device is tilted or imbalance, plunger, cross-sectional area or improper distribution.

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