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Plastic products industry needs what technology innovation

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Now there are plastic pallet manufacturers in related research, let radio frequency identification (rfid) can more deeply embedded in the plastic tray, in order to reduce the damage probability. However, that does not fundamentally solve the problem of Plastic collapsible crateinstalled radio frequency identification (rfid). Because the plastic table itself is not expensive. Relative to character, installation of radio frequency identification (rfid) to increase cost is relatively high. So, plastic to counter the production and operation enterprises are not very keen on, following tray still need further discussion. According to the plastic turnover box factory investigation we can find that, under the influence of the economy and consumption, the plastic products market also must be changed, this is mainly benefited from the consumer market driven, make the plastic products industry in such a high momentum gradually the uniformity, and exports, from the aspects of technology upgrade core product value, also need to improve in the plastics industry.
statistics show that the output of plastic products in China in 2012, nearly 600000 tons, and continue in the process of growth, we can see that China's domestic demand of plastic mold industry has a huge role in promoting. China plastics processing industry maintains steady growth, but the growth rate of falling. At present, the industry has been in the front row in the top light, advocate business wu income has been a steady rise in profits and losses of monthly drop, fixed assets of industry growth is stable, but plastic products customs monthly cumulative growth, falling export industrial export value of growth remain negative growth, overall downturn in the export situation of the development of the industry, play a bigger role in the constraints. Estimated annual plastic industry will maintain steady pace.

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