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by:Qusheng     2020-11-04
Of linyi, known as China's logistics, logistics transportation around the city all over the country, and the existing logistics group of more than 50, more than thousands of logistics distribution center, which was named the national top and a number of 5 a grade logistics enterprise. Advanced logistics distribution provides advantages for the product, commodity wholesale distribution 'south have yiwu north linyi'. In the mass goods, plastic products are particularly conspicuous.
according to incomplete statistics of linyi existing plastic products more than two thousand enterprises, large and small around the linyi three nine county. The distribution of plastic products mainly east China plastic soil mixed market radiation surrounding provinces and cities. In east China plastic wholesale market, for example, the market is divided into north garden road and old plastic wholesale market, ten new chemical plastic wholesale market all the way in the west. Linyi east China market is mainly engaged in plastic hollow plastic products, plastic products for industrial use, living with plastic products, agricultural film, nylon net twine, woven bags, recycled plastic products, plastic, plastic pipe fittings, agricultural plastic tools of design and color and so on more than 20 kinds of more than 2000 varieties of designs and colors.
market stalls and exhibition hall for a total of more than one thousand four hundred, which means into the size of the plastic products at least more than one thousand enterprises, in addition in jiangsu and anhui and other places most of the leading plastic products enterprise in linyi east China plastic wholesale market have showroom or stalls, forming a virtuous circle. Local production of the products by advanced logistics main stream sent to other place, outside the best collection of plastic products to linyi linyi centered on distribution, regional complement each other, the product quality and technical level have always been able to maintain the leading position in the industry.
https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/is the vanguard of linyi plastic industry, the Plastic collapsible crateindustry leader in the country. Since 1992, one step a footprint, do the national famous brand, and that the atmosphere of whole linyi plastic industry has a great relationship.
in plastic raw materials supply of linyi has a large plastic chemical wholesale market, guarantee the supply of raw materials, in linyi city hedong district has several large plastic international trade business, at the square of the warehouse. For example investment development co. , LTD. Shandong linyi luqiao hedong huayang logistics branch, is a collection of common rail transport, railway transport, cargo warehousing, trunk line transportation, regional distribution, finance, logistics, cold chain logistics is equal to the integration of third-party logistics companies. Their business is plastic international procurement of raw materials and domestic storage transportation.
the current domestic line most of the injection molding, blow molding equipment manufacturers have offices in linyi, Haitian, for example, every year in linyi's sales are to gauge, that means of linyi plastic industry is in the steady development of the healthy and orderly progress. ( In June 2016 Qusheng plastic spent more than five hundred stocks of two new injection molding equipment and automation manipulator. )
in v. , healthy competition environment, advanced production technology, abundant raw material supply, linyi plastic products industry can't think of cattle are not enough. Do a advertising: buy plastic products is recommended that you still go to linyi see and then make a decision, you don't buy plastic tray to Qusheng plastic look don't make a decision.

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