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Plastic shelf tray advantages in practical application

by:Qusheng     2020-11-15
Plastic shelf tray the advantages of the practical application of storage shelves and storage tray is a modernization of the important equipment, plastic pallet is applicable to various types of shelves, plastic pallet manufacturers according to the size of the shelf different sizes of plastic shelf tray also have corresponding supporting general, 1111. 1208. 1210. 1212. 1311, 1412, 1511, 1513, 1614, the size of this. In modern storage shelves is the main function of the plastic pallet manufacturers: 1, convenient for the classification of the goods, 2, effective use of space, three-dimensional storage of goods; 3, reduce stacked together extrusion deformation caused by damage to the goods. 4 and efficient handling and sorting. Improve working efficiency. Plastic shelf tray in the practical application of what are the advantages? 1, low purchasing cost, service life, plastic shelf tray actual use fixed number of year in 5 - Under the condition of 10 years, quality assurance, can also with old change new recycling; Compared to the wooden steel price has more advantages. 2, convenient export: the reason of material plastic shelf tray is not easy to breed bacteria, wear oil resistant, export fumigation-free. 3, greener: material, can recycle use, do not need to cut down trees. 4, wider application scope: food, medicine, chemical industry and other special plastic shelf tray also can meet the requirements. 5, 6 s management is more conducive to enterprise: can custom color and logo label, etc. 6, use more flexible: light warehouse to choose light shelf tray, heavy warehousing choose heavy plastic shelf tray, steel tube, increase the materials improve load coefficient is more flexible. 7, environment adaptable: even harsh damp low temperatures can normal use, and shall not affect the service life.
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