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Plastic tray and EU teu supplement each other

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
is an essential part of modern logistics industry revolving tool, because of its environmental protection health, regeneration recycling value higher reason has been widely used both at home and abroad.
EU boxes, also known as the standard standard stackable logistics box, the first is the Toyota company standards. With the popularity of the logistics box of many large enterprises are also made for the enterprise standard containers.
because EU box is mainly used for automobile parts of turnover, the turnover of strength is large, generally USES the modified polypropylene material production. From a certain extent, said EU box with the combination of the plastic tray, is a kind of conform to the inevitable outcome of the logistics reform. So how to form a complete set of both? ?
in general meeting at the beginning of the design of a more general reference in EU box plastic pallet size design. Such as the most commonly used 1200 * 1000 * 150 mm field grid plastic tray, with matching EU case, must be on the size and the matching.
the general principle is that the length of the Plastic collapsible crateis the long sum of the box body. The width of the Plastic collapsible crateis the integral multiple of the length of the box body, a word after the EU case pallet width to coincided basically with the width of the plastic tray, generally is the overall size is smaller than EU box stacking tray 3 - width size 5cm。 Can be seen through the below
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