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Plastic tray and packing

by:Qusheng     2020-11-08
Packaging to protect the product in the process of circulation, convenient transportation, to promote sales. Packing is of great help to rationalize logistics also, once, Plastic collapsible crateis in packaging, shows the importance of the plastic tray.

  1. Packaging is to protect goods, to prevent the impact of commodity in logistics engineering, bumps, vibration, extrusion. Will be packaged products placed on the plastic tray, in the form of unitized load into the logistics process, convenient transport and unloading of goods, to ensure the goods intact;
  2. In order to keep the goods in transit not mildewy, damage, deterioration, rusting, after the product packaging on the tray, then wrapped in thin films, the more can guarantee the integrity of the product;
  3. Multiple packaging stacking in a plastic tray, can reduce the lost or stolen goods lost, is lost;
  4. The implementation of the plastic tray and packaging plastic pallet manufacturers, will promote the templated packaging specifications of compounds, greatly improve the efficiency of logistics operation and quality.
can be seen from the above content, plastic pallet and packaging, bring convenience for logistics.
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