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Plastic tray appearance, performance testing and quality inspection system and storage system

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
1. Appearance inspection, product inspection in strict accordance with the tray of GB/T 4996 - 2014; Tray surface level off, without flash, no effect to use crack and deformation of a single tray without clear off color, the same batch products have no obvious color difference
2. Performance testing: strictly implements national GB/T15234 - 94 transport tray pallet size, shearing test ( Single doesn't do) Impact test, top ceiling edge, block impact test ( Longitudinal beam do not) , Angle of drop test, stacking test, bending test, bottom ceiling test ( Single doesn't do) , wing tray test, environment treatment one-time tray: compression test, bending test, drop test. ( The attached appendix 8. 1 - 8. 5 for relevant national technical reference standard, and strictly comply with)
3. Quality control system, production process inspection, level control, each product to do every working procedure at the end of the first inspection, checking and inspection, unqualified products less than the next process. Three shifts a day of production, ensure the per shift sampling and sampling inspection report, the average sampling amount not less than 1% of the total product. For the divisions of the fraction defective is more than 2%, by production factory director and maintenance of the monitor to find the reason, and put forward a solution. Organization within 24 hours on duty all staff involved in the production of training.
4. Supply customer sampling system: the buyer can 24 hours a day, at any time without notice us, under the condition of random sampling to test the product, if there is any defective goods or parameter is not up to standard, when the goods are no longer into the sales of circulation.
5. Products into the Treasury: qualified products to stick stickers indicating the date of production, service, and production records, if discover the quality problems can be traced back at any time, from aspects of the production formula to the machine setting parameters timely find the reason and permanently marked print contains the name of the company, signs, telephone, the product model, etc.

attached parts quality inspection department and the service personnel list:

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