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Plastic tray application in automobile tires wheel industry

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
See if you have a car in a few days ago to visit Germany BBS wheel factory, rigorous heartfelt sigh of German machinery manufacturing industry. May be a professional habit, as a engaged in plastic pallet industry more than 10 years old salesman, at first glance I saw the familiar things - - Plastic tray. More of a coincidence employment process just come into contact with some car wheel and tire industry special plastic tray, then simply write an essay about plastic pallet in the application of automotive wheel and tire industry, how much is one of the touch point edge and cars.
( Because of the special tray involving customer patent and confidentiality agreement for the most part article pictures from the network, such as involving patent please do not hesitate to contact me to delete, thank you)

first we talk about the plastic tray, most people say the plastic tray may be unfamiliar, but if you speak of the people familiar with the wooden pallets, is similar in structure and function. But because the plastic is renewable resources so that the point, it is more clean, more health, toughness and renewable recycling, and avoid the use of a large number of wood.

in general wheel manufacture industry, often according to the production of a particular hub development mold, this is what we call professional term of non-standard special plastic tray. Diagram below

hub between the tray stacking, and reinforce the hub do effect, and can avoid the hub in the process of turnover relatively friction wheel scratched. The tray at the bottom of the best is to use plastic pallet is better, such as the image signal tray below.

auto tire industry for general use three-dimensional library of products, although there is no accurate statistics but most of the enterprise is to use the following figure signal by way of storage.

car tyres are vertically on the shelves, generally popular explanation is that the vertically can avoid because of gravity cause tire deformation, it is generally accepted. Is there any way to store it, the Internet often someone say no picture you say a JB, ha ha, actually instruction is one of the best picture, see diagram below.

through image contrast can be found, if you use plastic pallet and shelves are tie-in, cooperate with mechanical forklift is access product become more convenient. The Plastic collapsible crategeneral design to grow the same wide square, and given priority to with double-sided grid or double plate. Because to place four piles of tyres, so request the size of the Plastic collapsible cratein 1. More than 6 m, and the built-in steel to increase its strength, in the center of the tray can be reserved RFID card slot, so as to realize the automation of storage.
and plastic tray is a partial products better, most people do not understand this thing, the article is boring, plus the writing is really not line, no other entertain wild hope, only hope to let more people have realized that the plastic tray for this product. Use some plastic tray, little cut down some trees, let the sky more blue!
the article editor: https://www. cnpalletbox。 com/- Plastic tray, quality management department.

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