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Plastic tray application in automotive industry and automotive components

by:Qusheng     2020-11-13
Plastic folding box card board is to reduce the storage volume in the chamber and logistics transportation cost and design of logistics products, folding card board box in inherits the enclosed card board box products bearing ( 1 t dynamic load; Static load 4 t) The consistent design, material HDPE through foaming processing impact resistance is strong. Large folding carton has four pieces of different size around the side plate and the base of the tray style and design on the side door pickup door, etc. A total of 21 parts assembled. Higher product technology content, and at the same time use twelve mould manufacturing, ford designated foreign trade products in the United States.
large fold card board box matching card board box cover ( Embedded in the lid design style, to prevent dust; After matching card board box cover will not affect the use plastic card board box between stack) Helpful hints: folding card board cannot carry the weight box cover.
the advantage of large plastic card board box:
1, use convenient, save a space.
2, plastic card board box's service life is longer than the wooden case about 10 times the left and right sides;
3, plastic card board box than wooden cases and same type metal box light weight a lot, use a integrated so better performance in handling and transportation;
4, plastic card board box may at any time clean water, beautiful and good environmental protection;
5, can be widely used in liquid and powdered items store turnover, widely used;
6, and other advantages.

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