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Plastic tray business personnel pre-service need to know a little simple knowledge

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
A, tray price difference caused by several reasons why
1. Raw materials, the prices are different grades of raw materials, the manufacturer will have bigger difference, 10 - 20% is relatively common.
2。 Is also a raw material and pack material, namely de-fatting cannot achieve formal factory standard material, small chemical plant will buy come with their own brand, the price of raw materials is cheap but performance is not stable.
3。 Formula, each company has its own formula, plastic products for nearly 20 years, our company a good scientific formula can be changed decayed for magical, our technology is an added value.

2, several steps to recommend suitable products to customers
1. Using a mechanical or manual forklift forklift, if it is a manual forklift, only nine feet shape or word shape suitable for sichuan. If it is mechanical forklift is not influenced by the structure of the tray.
2。 How much is the load requirements of the customer? To recommend appropriate load parameters of tray
3. Customer is a one-time export use or long-term use, if it is a one-time export used, in principle, recommended recycle material, black. Scale and generally for 1210 or 1111, this is the internal container size. ( The width of the 2 in the container. 35 meters)
4。 Structure if the customer has no special requirements, recommend order, double - Tian word - Sichuan words. Double product structure is the best.
5。 If the customer is using shelves: recommend sichuan words grid built-in steel pipe. Common size 1210 sichuan grid.
6。 Using the environment: high and low temperature conditions recommended modified material.

3, where is our advantage
1. Established in 1992, rich production experience, strong technical strength.
2。 All machines are the best of the domestic Haitian injection molding machine. We believe that one million machines and five million to the product, it is there.
3。 All machines are equipped with intelligent manipulator, guarantee the unity of the products.

4, can provide customers printing logo
simple logo, use white ink is free. But if the customer need to print color logo, we can only ask professional printer to print, need additional charges. Example: five hundred tray if three color logo printing, 2 - each charge 3 yuan. The more the cheaper unit price.

5, whether plastic pallet product weight accurate
Plastic collapsible cratebelongs to non precision injection, the temperature, velocity, clamping force, clamping time and so on is the influence of the weight of the certain error. Abrasive different batches of the same products, the domestic industry by default within 4% is a reasonable range. The same batches of product weight error, our enterprise is 2 - by default 3%.

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