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Plastic tray can be detected

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
Wave of electronic components and chain Clinton co. , LTD. Is pleased to announce their Detectamet metal detection of Plastic collapsible cratein 4 health color blue, red, green and yellow shell can be launched.
designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries Detectamet tray measures 285 x 230 mm long x 50 mm wide, weighs 240 grams.
the only plastic tray metal detection are available from high impact of special formula materials, plastic food contact approval. Even the smallest particle detection and rejectable.
Detectamet tray advantages include:
- Perspective is
to prevent damage to the delicate and expensive equipment
will withstand minus 30 degreesC to + 80 degreesC temperature
cost effectively
- hit the other materials Tough, durable

lightweight (minimum parts 240 g) Good chemical resistance

available in blue, red, green and yellow
and elaborate additive has been in direct contact with the food - EU90 128 approved by plastic material. ( The FDA approved)
Detectamet tray can be used as part of the hazard analysis critical control point
Detectamet tray detection and metal detection the system used in the food and medicine industry rejectable.
in addition to the moderate tool fees and the minimum order quantity ECC can integrate company logo/enterprise over the identity of the plate should be this requirement.
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