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Plastic tray can customize according to the requirement of the enterprise

by:Qusheng     2020-11-06
can customize according to the requirement of the enterprise plastic pallet because the stain resistant easy to clean, high strength, the advantages of the bearing capacity and the modern production enterprises to choose, but as a result of the pallet size most national standards, the manufacturer in general will not separate production a new size of tray. While some enterprises because of the particularity of the product to form a complete set of tray to use, that how to do? Actually can find manufacturers custom. Average size larger manufacturers support custom. Only if you want to custom, the manufacturer will need to open mold, and generally to open mold is the need to produce cost, this fee need shall be borne by the enterprises. But there are exceptions, that is, enterprises need to customize the pallet quantity is huge, the manufacturer can erase mould cost for the enterprise, but this needs to be measured by how much the manufacturer profits, if the enterprise demand too much, so the manufacturer will be normal to the enterprise open mold fee. Generally open mold in the hundreds of thousands of left and right sides. Enterprises in the process of requirements, also can ask the color of the tray, in the same city tray is blue, enterprises can choose according to his be fond of yellow and red lights, generally is to add money, of course. In short Plastic collapsible crateis support for custom, but better is to find large manufacturers, because only the giant can guarantee the quality of the tray.
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