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Plastic tray cleaning more convenient?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
cleaning more convenient? is used for logistics enterprise turnover box and the necessary carrier delivery. In use process, the tray is becoming more and more dirty, become a link of the cleanness of workshop and warehouse. Tray cleaning is especially important. Through our query, we found that most of the surface of the plastic tray is grid, there are many square hole, so it is difficult to clean may, usually with a soft brush to scrub, plastic pallet manufacturers use some detergent and warm water, wash is much more convenient. factory cleaning is also a certain rules, also has the certain method. Error cleaning, not only cannot achieve the purpose of cleaning, but also may cause the damage of the plastic tray, plastic tray factory is the best way to pull the plastic tray to open place, with clean tube for plastic tray, first clean only need to use clean water from scratch, because the Plastic collapsible crateusually assume that simply used to store the goods, isn't it difficult clean surface stains, most of the dust accumulated for a long time, it is ok to use clean water to clean. clean is a part of routine maintenance, so when maintenance to ensure clean in place. If you don't want to worry too much clean, plastic pallet manufacturers try to choose flat tray, so cleaning more convenient and faster.
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