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Plastic tray code printing

by:Qusheng     2021-03-09
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in the sales of plastic tray, we occasionally meet customer needs in printing the logo on the side of the tray or coding information, etc.
in general to the customer logo printing is free, because the cost of silk screen printing is relatively low, the basic can be ignored. For example, in 1080 * 1080 * 125 mm one-time export plastic tray, print two thousand pieces only need to spend a few yuan do 300 mesh screen print, a few of polyethylene and polypropylene special ink, the other is artificial. Under normal circumstances, https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/printing master just two or three hours, and can complete the whole printing process.
Qusheng plastic part of the customer need is not only a logo, but need to order printing code, such as 'shuanglong - 001 'to' shuanglong - 1000 'is obviously not so use silk screen printing, we can't do one thousand silk screen version. This case, we usually use live word manual printing, bother, and printed not special specification and beautiful. If there is a better way please block grant instruction counterparts, my QQ: 764234081. The size of the picture below is our common living word table.

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