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Plastic tray compared with other material tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
The advantages of plastic tray

* in terms of corrosion resistance, Plastic collapsible crateis best, plastic wood, steel tray worst;

    * in the moisture resistance, Plastic collapsible crateperformance;

    * on the bug eat by moth resistance, best steel pallet, plastic pallet,

    * in terms of the average life expectancy, two steel pallet and plastic tray;

    * on the pallet weight, paper, wooden pallets have certain advantages;

    * on the bearing capacity, steel tray the best effect; The paper tray is poor;

    * on the use of performance, plastic and steel pallet is superior to paper, wood pallets;

    * on the price of tray, wood tray have advantages, paper and plastic wood, steel tray is the most expensive.
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