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Plastic tray factory recommend how to reduce the cost when buying plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
As I've been in the plastic industry has been developing rapidly, plastic trays, plastic material is also applied to tray slowly the plastic tray was applied to all walks of life, nowadays in many industry can use plastic pallet, but in the past, the tray also is wood material is given priority to, such as wooden tray is not only very easy to damage, and flexibility, also is not very high, bearing is not very high, and against the people of the will of environmental protection. When in the industry will appear when the job is used during various problem is not fixed, thereby greatly increasing the interests of the industry.
user staff should know about plastic products, plastic is a kind of has high flexibility, dielectric, and like PE class plastic higher flexibility, very durable, service life can be said to be the traditional tray more than a few times, when the staff in the use of these plastic tray will not only more convenient, at the same time, it will save a lot of cost for the enterprise, plastic tray to have a lot of advantages, the first to say to is its high quality, this is all you need to use the most attention to the pallet industry, and it is also made great contributions to the development of industry. At home to have the ability to manufacture this plastic pallet manufacturers, there are many, the plastic pallet manufacturers have their own production process, with very good so produce plastic pallet quality is guaranteed, but as the plastic pallet sales promotion, domestic there are a lot of inferior manufacturers, these vendors in order to be able to save more production cost, of main materials on the plastic tray, thus will greatly affect the quality of the tray. So for the staff, when buying these plastic tray should first choose public praise good plastic pallet manufacturers, the second is to consider the main material of plastic tray and its molding process, only in this way can guarantee the quality of the tray itself and the service life of the future use, thereby reducing the use of plastic pallet costs, increase profits. With the constant improvement of plastic tray molding process and the development, increasing demand for plastic products, plastic products is not limited to industry, packaging, commodity industries and fields, the amount of plastic products in the People's Daily life is increasing year by year. To the requirement of injection molding processing equipment have been improved. Injection molding machine performance and the efficiency has been improved, the requirement of plastic processing and molding is increasing to the injection molding equipment put forward higher request, make to many varieties, complete specifications, high efficiency, tell, the direction of high precision, low energy consumption. Export with plastic pallet packing container, pallet and packaging technical requirements are as follows: (1) the choice of pallet specifications: the export of common plastic pallet dimensions including 1200 mm0, 100 mm * 1100 mm * 1100 mm, 1200 mm * 800 mm specifications. Goods sent to European areas usually adopts European standard pallet 1200 mm * 800 mm specifications of plastic tray. Please refer to specific pallet specifications and technical standards. (2) the paper edge protector as a crucial part of the pallet packaging, in the process of long-term transport of goods have very good protection effect, with long specification is designed to: 70 mm * 70 mm * 9 mm. (3) pallets of goods need to entangle with wrap film, PET packing belt, packaging, packaging. PET packaging specifications for 16 mm * 0. 75 mm, wrap film usually adopt linear low density polyethylene ( LLDPE) The thickness of thin film, as follows: 0. 018毫米±0。 002, width: 450 mm + / - 2 mm, length is: 450 m, are not allowed to have a negative deviation. To the requirement of plastic tray, tray size is usually packing assembly each add 0 ~ 40 mm width; The tray plastic tray set the use of materials for plastic; When fork fork into plastic tray, try to avoid in the process of into the fork fork plug arm collision tray, a face, caused certain damage; Rupture of pallet, pallet, pallet leg damage will cause certain influence to the packing and shipping of goods. Injection molding machine is main equipment of producing plastic tray, technical parameters and performance of injection molding machine and Plastic collapsible crateWWW. cnpalletbox。 Com molding and injection molding properties has a close relationship. Further perfect and development of injection molding equipment will push the progress of injection molding technology, for the development and application of the plastic tray products provide favorable conditions.
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