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Plastic tray from material selection to the processing steps of forming

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
can improve the resource recycling, shorten the cycle of the preparation of plastic materials and products production, save energy, the method of preparation of plastic tray has high crushing strength, good tensile properties, acid and alkali, easy to wash, etc, applies to machinery, electronics, clothing and other industries, and the preparation of plastic pallet density is small, more suitable for lightweight products. So how are Plastic collapsible crateprocessing molding steps? The plastic pallet manufacturers with your specific.
1, material: polyethylene has a strong impact resistance, it enables the plastic tray to withstand the impact of the live weight suddenly put. Polyethylene environmental adaptation ability is very good, even in cold environment will not change what, can prevent aging tray cracking. In addition, its chemical properties is relatively stable, not afraid of oily, have very good insulation effect.
2, abrasive synthesis: this tray mainly use clamping device for direct pressure after the injection of resin in the tray, again on the high temperature heating, then put it in the mould, speed controller to deal with, is generally done through sufficient plastic processing.
3, injection molding processing: under the molten state of the material from the abrasive poured into mouth, then it will be through the port give fill the endometrium, through related cooling processing after forming, again on the template for processing, so that the initial tray can make come, after further processing production.
4, molding processing: plastic tray is generally a one-time molding, its shape is very fast, it requires that the staff of the mature technology, timely for multiple tray injection at the same time also to have the same schedule.

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