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Plastic tray - Green storage energy saving and emission reduction

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
Chai jing's 'under heaven', let the energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon environmental protection this topic again ascend a new step, Qusheng plastic tray actively keep up with the pace of The Times:
Plastic collapsible crateis based on a low carbon, energy saving concept development, is currently the tray products is one of the most environmentally friendly material. Compared with the wooden pallet, steel pallet, plastic pallet light weight, good strength, not easy to rust and wear. Applicable to a variety of different countries combined transportation, especially it overcomes the weakness of nonmetallic material is easy to be affected with damp be affected with damp metamorphic deformation, suitable for export products by air and ocean transportation, electronics, food, medicine, chemical products storage and transportation. recycling utilization rate reached 100%, the salvage value is high, in the United States, Canada, the European Union issued on China into its goods packaging material requirements.
logistics industry innovation improvement, equipment renewal, tray has been widely applied in the production, transportation, warehousing and distribution, etc. Tray is rapidly improve handling efficiency and the effective measure to make the material flow process ordering, in lower production cost and improve production efficiency plays an enormous role.
the practice of tray homework, improve the effect of the loading and unloading, the warehouse building, highway, railway and other transportation way of loading and unloading facilities have changed. With more and more sophisticated production equipment, more and more high degree of automation, advanced production management mode gradually, between process handling all the more important work. The current tray research mainly focused on establishing Shared service supply chain system, making use of material and tray is also the focus of the logistics industry energy conservation and emissions reduction.

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