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Plastic tray how to operate

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
The tray has become an important means of production and marketing. Tray development trend of the modern activities and management of each part is no longer in the traditional sense of the independent activities and combination, but a complete unified organic system, pallet system theory and technology has widely acknowledged and applied. Plastic pallet manufacturer, http://www. qihuatuopan。 Net /
the main reason in the tray is suitable for the development of the market competition thought and views. It will all the production, management, sales and distribution activities in Taiwan. Even the tray information transfer is an important organic component of the modern activity. Therefore pallet logistics point of view from a comprehensive, system, rather than from the view of one-sided, discrete management; Second, the total cost point of view it is concerned with the total cost of the whole system running, not including the cost of a local subsystem. Tray another very important point is to meet the market demand. It tries to simplify various links to provide users with quality service, improve the level of eye operations so as to have the advantage in the fierce market competition. Modern logistics system management purpose is to meet some customers served to raise level conditions, make the system achieve the lowest total cost, total cost to improve the end user or is a certain system service level. Look from different emphases, mainly to the development of contemporary tray can be divided into three kinds of strategy oriented one for process management strategy. Characteristics is by all logistics activities, optimize the whole logistics process and make it become an effective value-added system, maximize the efficiency of system. Second market management strategy, for the characteristic is to simplify the logistics system, coordination of different management departments to serve a common user and achieve mutual cooperation, improve the level of customer service purposes. Tray which is a kind of market competitive strategy, and third for strategic characteristics is to coordinate and control the logistics information management system is an extension of the circulation network and information channel, in order to pass the logistics and information integrated management system internal organization to achieve the coordination and cooperation, make the system of value and achieve maximum efficiency.
from the tray development point of view, the main trend of development of the contemporary system, using the external supply industry pay more attention to the advantage of itself development of core products or services, and on some auxiliary products and services are seeking external according to advantage.
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