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Plastic tray in Asia market prices slightly higher this year

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Market analyst said recently, Asia Plastic collapsible cratethere will be about 5% of the market prices, the main reason is that Iran's oil not clear information, leading to the concerns of the market prices for raw materials. In 2011 due to demand growth is greater than the supply growth in Asia plastic card board, plastic tray, and other products of tight supply, especially in southeast Asia plastic tray market enterprise devices and the growth of the human cost, resulting in the spot price rising. at present in China accounted for about 40% of the global market demand, will continue to be the main driver of global plastic tray market demand growth. China plastic pallet market will be further expansion in Europe and the United States exports, which will further promote plastic tray market prices. China there are many plastic tray factory completed and put into operation, and has announced that it would also build more to the hybrid market at the plastic tray. It is predicted that in 2012 China plastic pallet market demand will increase by more than 15%, in 2011, due to this kind of plastic packaging products production cost is too high, China plastic pallet WWW. cnpalletbox。 Com market companies may stop production. , market analysts Asian plastic tray spot market liquidity will increase this year, especially in Asia due to western economic sanctions on Iran plastic tray market buyers is difficult to obtain credit payments, including China, the amount of the contract goods against Iran is likely to increase, which will also further promote plastic tray products. WWW. cnpalletbox。 com
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