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Plastic tray in injection molding and cooling problem

by:Qusheng     2020-11-02
In the Plastic collapsible cratein the mode of production, injection molding is a major way. molding cooling time accounts for about 80% of the whole production cycle injection. Cooling bad often lead to products or warping deformation surface defects, the size of the affected products stability. Justice to command injection, pressure maintaining and cooling time, product DeLiang can progress and productivity.
parts cooling time, usually is refers to the plastic pallet melt from the play can be full of injection mold cavity mould of the parts with this period of time. Can open mould take out time standard parts, often to have adequate curing parts, with a certain intensity and rigidity, when open mold ejection from deformation and cracking. Even use unified plastic tray forming, its cooldown also along with the wall thickness, the temperature of the molten plastic tray, von berg systeme ejection temperature and mold temperature. Next to one hundred percent in all the places to correctly calculate the cooling time formula has not been published, but only in the appropriate hypothesis of the basic long calculation formula. Calculation formula in different cooling time definition varies.
analysis: plastic tray molding processing parts of cooling time
at present, usually in the following three standard as reference in cooling time:
(1) Plastic collapsible cratemolding the thickest wall parts processing center layer temperature, cooling below the heat distortion temperature of the plastic tray need time;
(2) the plastic tray the uniform temperature inside the injection molding processing section, cooling to the products of the mold temperature to the stipulated time; Be 36 choose 7 lottery
3. Crystalline plastic pallet as wall the thickest part of the central layer temperature, cooling below its melting point the time required to, or to delimit the crystallization percentage of the time required.
when solving formula, generally for the following assumptions:
1) injection in the injection mould for plastic tray, and the heat transfer to the injection mould and cooling;
(2) into a cavity inside the Plastic collapsible cratewith cavity closely contact, not by cooling the compressed respectively, between melt and mold wall heat transfer and flow without any resistance, for the temperature of the molten material contact with the mold wall has become the same. When plastic tray filling the cavity, the surface temperature is equal to the mold wall temperature;
3. in the process of the injection molding product cooling, the temperature of the mold cavity surface always adhere to the uniform;
(4) heat transfer on the surface of the injection mould level must; ( Molten material as isothermal process, molding process and material WenJunYi)
5. orientation and can neglect the influence of heat stress on deformation of parts, parts size affect solidification temperature.

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