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Plastic tray in the application of domestic service industry

by:Qusheng     2021-02-27
A plastic tray, analysis of Plastic collapsible crateprocessing technology is passed by PE, PP plastic melt injection after injection molding machine processing. In logistics, export, transportation, rapid transport, export and manufacturing, electrical and electronic industry, including our usual frequented played an irreplaceable role in the supermarket. Abroad, plastic tray in the application of super market has years of history, in China, because of various reasons, the wooden pallet has occupied the market, and the requirements for environmental protection of food safety and hygiene, plastic tray have been used by more and more supermarkets, is mainly used in supermarket goods handling and warehouse storage services. More health: plastic pallet is more health than wood pallet. More light: plastic card board because the material is lighter, so more suitable for the requirements of lightweight. Surface more smooth, no burr, use, does not affect the goods easily. Easy to clean: unlike the wooden pallet, easy cleaning. Waterproof not moths: no wood pallet, waterproof, no risk of moths. Recycling, more environmentally friendly.
3, plastic tray used in supermarket industry in the late great potential for
the commonly used wooden pallet for above all sorts of drawbacks, Plastic collapsible crateis more used in the industries of the supermarket, because it can protect goods handling and storage security, and can save forest resources. The market is a bright future.
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