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Plastic tray in the application of the transfer and storage warehouse shelves

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
Completed by plastic tray and the container unitization of logistics, logistics standardization and normalization of the distance to handle and operate, the product of the unitized data transfer and information processing become perhaps, together also can avoid goods counting error. Made of plastic pallet container unitization, invented the conditions for logistics standardization, mechanization of work. Use plastic pallet container unitization, can prompt the progress of the logistics work flow and speed. Because of the plastic tray, talents to a few, dozens of packaging container unitization shape.

because formed the shape of container unitization, talent using the channels of forklift, crane, conveyor, hoist, transfer freight car such as loading and unloading machinery mechanization, automatic loading and unloading, storage, transport and distribution, and then several times, more than ten times as much, more to progress work power, drop logistics total capital. Rely on the plastic tray to complete the container unitization of logistics, can improve the working conditions and working environment, to avoid repeating rearrangement of the midway, reduce invalid labor, workers, increase efficiency of energy saving and emission reduction targets.

Plastic collapsible cratein the logistics professional comparison has the characteristic, in an environment of more complete move unloading of goods and has the more about the implementation of the environmental characteristic, promote normal concept of the value in use.

on many levels of items for fangs woven Plastic collapsible crateis put in the goods between the accumulation of time, can choose more level display of goods on demand of fangs interweave, then more perfect assist to complete about rule of cumulative adjustment in the goods. no accumulation of more layers between multilayer excellent accumulation in different environments, and will have the order in about applying also is extremely has the convenience, the accumulation of flat is also able to complete the space savings.

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