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Plastic tray in the industry's dominant position

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
to dominate the pallet industry gradually: plastic tray industry rapidly expand, application become widespread, the use of plastic tray will be more common; The demand of the plastic tray number will increase significantly, the quality will improve; leasing industry development, common plastic tray, walk cycle routes can be use to the maximum plastic tray; of new products, new materials will be developed constantly. The concept of 'plastic and wood' : use plastic pallet instead of wood pallet, favors the environmental protection; Increase in the field of industrial and agricultural use of unitized transport trends, improve the safety, promptness, environmental protection of the goods transportation; China plastic pallet will gradually move towards the world.
there is a big part of people don't know, plastic tray, they think the wooden pallets than plastic tray with high intensity, durable and so on, actually otherwise, plastic tray now market is already very mature, also have the advantage to replace wooden pallets, rapid development in the next few years will be a plastic tray. With the growth of awareness of environmental protection and society economy sustainable development needs, our government has banned deforestation, but also further increase the intensity of afforestation, improve China's forest cover. In addition, the wooden tray need to be used after cooking or high temperature treatment, or abroad will reject its entry. These factors for the development of the wooden pallet has brought very bad influence, but, in turn, provides excellent opportunities for the development of plastic tray.
the tray has been widely used in warehousing, transportation. To meet different levels and different conditions of use requirement, currently on the market at the same time there are all kinds of tray, until the 1980 s is almost wooden tray unify the whole country, but since the late 80 s to the early 90 s, the other material tray, such as metal trays, plastic tray, molding tray, wood and plastic composite pallets, but because of its quality, and the heavy metal tray, easy to rust, high energy consumption, cost factors, such as limits its further development.
at present, the domestic circulation required tray per year is about 80 million, including 20 million exports, aggregate demand will grow further. although the market late, cost is relatively high, but have been rising by more than 10% a year. As a result, the plastic tray is in rapid growth in China. can be repeatedly used, water resistance, fast, save freight, is conducive to open operation and storage, need not take up the turnover warehouse. Compared with the wooden tray, hardness, and improves the 3 - cycle utilization 5 times, in line with the requirements of save timber resources.
the development of plastic pallet thanks to a number of factors, first of all plastic pallet itself superior performance; Followed by the country in recent years stepped up controls on deforestation, make lumber costs rose sharply, with Europe and the United States is more and more demanding on wooden pallet, stimulate the use of plastic tray; Moreover is plastic tray processing equipment automation degree is high, large production. With China's plastics machinery and raw material prices increased performance, make the cost of plastic pallet is no longer a bottleneck restricting use.
Plastic collapsible cratein all generations of wooden pallets, is the fastest growing and most potential market of tray products, in recent years, an annual update rate and growth rate were 10%, including petrochemical, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation industries use plastic pallet number is multiplied. At home, the tray is mainly used for internal flow. With the expanding of enterprise scale, product inventory backlog and the increase of the turnover. Plastic pallet is more and more widely used in enterprise's production workshop, warehouse storage and logistics flow. Relative wooden tray, plastic tray with clean, light quality, no stud, more environmentally friendly, strong durability and other characteristics, make the wooden tray is gradually replaced by a plastic tray, plastic tray gradually occupied the tray of market dominant position.
but the Plastic collapsible cratewithout a standard specification, the initial development makes the size of the tray and various specifications. Coupled with the domestic plastic pallet manufacturers increased year by year, make the style of the tray more full of beautiful things in eyes. And, along with the increase in competitors, the products of raw materials price is floating, the general rise in prices, the already high cost of plastic pallet price difficult to control. Tray market competition led to the vicious price competition, price competition on the premise of raw materials rose, it's hard to guarantee quality of plastic tray.
what's more, the users of the tray in the trial after the bad quality of plastic tray, produced, and even want to consider using the original wooden pallets. This is the great irony of the plastic pallet industry. Therefore, the development of plastic pallet is related to each on the immediate interests of the plastic pallet manufacturers, how to more stable long-term development should be as per the priority of an enterprise. should be toward a better and faster in the direction of development, rather than to the fierce competition in the eyes and kill each other, eventually led to the collapse of the whole industry.
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