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Plastic tray in the logistics turnover showed the superiority of

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
along with our country in recent years the rapid development of logistics industry has been widely used. Tray become important guarantee for the safety of goods, in the process of logistics is an important part of the logistics standardization, modernization and key elements. With the development of modern logistics, and gradually expand and extend to ensure that the 'material flow' of the modern logistics rationalization, ordering, modernization and low cost, pallet packaging provide effective guarantee for the development of logistics.
due to the more traditional wooden tray plastic tray has high bearing capacity, strong impact resistance and other characteristics, is gradually popularized in the logistics industry. And Plastic collapsible cratestructure design is reasonable, to adapt to the environment, characterized by the following features:
1, the Plastic collapsible crateis made of high impact resistance material processing, which mostly tray's service life is long, turnover is more than traditional wooden pallets. And higher requirements for the service life of the pallet logistics industry, the use of high quality plastic tray can effectively reduce the cost of logistics equipment.
2, plastic tray design reasonable structure, high bearing, and most of the plastic tray can satisfy the characteristics of the four-way into fork, convenient tray goods turnover, make mechanical operation more convenient and flexible.
3, tray for an injection or blow molding processing technology, the surface of the plastic tray is smooth, avoid the traditional wooden tray facial nail, the thorn on tray goods damage.
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