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Plastic tray in the significance of modern logistics industry

by:Qusheng     2020-10-27
in the importance of modern logistics industry
plastic pallet plays an important role in modern logistics system. The rational use of plastic tray, tray homework the implementation of a consistent, is to make logistics and supply chain to maintain an important means of cohesion, smooth, well versed in, is to improve logistics efficiency greatly by the key factors, the cost is greatly reduced, so the pallet industry is an important content of national logistics modernization. As a rising star in the tray family - — can take on this task? In recent years, with the development of economy, the logistics industry in China is on the rise, the average annual growth rate of more than 15%. Have experts predict that in the next few years, China's logistics market growth rate will also keep 20%. In the logistics industry under the situation of high growth, logistics industry highlights two characteristics. A high-speed steady economic development makes the market demand for efficient and fast modern logistics has become more and more urgent. Second, China's logistics infrastructure, backward technology and equipment level of reality. Such two characteristics both shows the great potential of the logistics industry development in our country, also exposed the disadvantages seriously lags behind the economic development of the logistics industry in China. China federation of logistics and purchasing the tray branch, deputy director of the standing JinWei said in an interview: 'logistics efficiency and reduce costs without ningbo plastic tray. A product off the line from that moment on, it has close relationship and tray, transportation, storage, loading and unloading, handling, packaging, circulation, distribution all these logistics link, if there is no tray, more cost several times, more time and labor. Such as loading a car cement, artificial alone shipment need more than two hours, and the use of tray with forklift operation, 25 minutes. And, more importantly, in the logistics system of object shapes and sizes of the goods processing, only to return the goods into a unified specification has a certain unit volume in the shape of goods, is possible to realize mechanization and automation, really achieve the purpose of reduce cost and improve efficiency. 'Institute of Beijing university of science and technology, logistics director wu ching also use data illustrates the modern logistics system construction of the importance of the economic development of our country. He stressed: 'set up high efficiency and low cost of modern logistics system, is a major guarantee for sustainable development of China's economic stability. And in the process of rationalization of the logistics system, there is a small but ubiquitous devices play an important role, it is the tray. Tray as an important appliance of integrated supply chain and improve logistics efficiency, active in every link of the modern logistics activity. 'He told reporters:' the total cost of logistics in the developed countries in the world by 9% ~ 11% of GDP, and the figure is about 18% of our country. Two groups of data comparison, it is not difficult to see the complete the same size of the national economy, China's logistics cost is more than double that of developed countries. If the calculated at 10% of GDP, China consumes more logistics costs as high as one trillion yuan a year. 'Domestic institutions, research shows that at present our country general industrial products from the factory after loading and unloading, storage, transportation and so on each link to consumers' hands circulation costs about 50% of commodity prices, and perishable food circulation costs accounted for 70% of its merchandise sale price. Logistics process takes time accounts for almost 90% of the whole production process. It can be said that Shanghai runhai treasure Plastic collapsible crateis the basic equipment, logistics each link seamless docking if without a tray, the integration of modern logistics industry, standardization and rapid response is also impossible. We will promote standardization of plastic tray, tray sharing system is the most direct beneficiaries from all walks of life use Shanghai runhai treasure plastic tray. However, because at present our country has always been the tray operation mechanism is not perfect, the low level of standardization of logistics operation, there is a wide variety of all kinds enterprise used tray, on the one hand, tray efficiency is very low, on the other hand, the enterprise the standardization and social application of tray also lack of enthusiasm. The development of the cause of our country the tray, and guide enterprises to actively participate in is the key. According to the market value law promotion application in the enterprise standard tray, Shared system of investment, attracting enterprises to participate in the tray advocate the reusable pallet manufacturing and recycling. Practice shows that in the past, only by the government's administrative means to enforce the application of the tray, irrelevant to the actual situation of the businesses, enterprises' enthusiasm is not high, often fall by the wayside. Experience from abroad, to arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises, and coordinate related aspects of the economic interests and promote the development of the tray to market-oriented behavior, are generally not relying on industry organization, through continuous efforts, the tray work idea into modern enterprise operation and management, Shanghai runhai treasure plastic tray can truly developed career, in the development of modern logistics.
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