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Plastic tray in warehousing logistics solutions

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
In logistics, warehousing, material industry, the use of plastic pallet is very frequently, it is not lack of part of sheng industry. Now on the market proportion of plastic tray, are being added to the the use of it gradually replaced the traditional wooden pallets, as the main body of the tray on the market.

the industry status quo
as the process of industrialization and the variety of services, warehousing logistics PeiSongYe appeared 'many varieties, small batch, batches of new requirements, and warehousing logistics services in this respect is generally exists the phenomenon of' small, scattered, weak '. Abundant supply of resources, such as transport, storage resources, but the low degree of organization of supply resources, lack of professional logistics companies. And demand side resources relative shortage, some enterprises of logistics demand, often through internal logistics organizations shall be met, such as iron and steel enterprises and manufacturing enterprises. Formed under long-term planned economy system, warehousing department use segmentation, region segmentation, bring your own warehouse, can't give play to the function of the society, which leads to the warehouse construction repetition, low utilization, outdated equipment, such as diversifying the situation.

plastic tray solution
storage, storage, loading and unloading cargo handling, distribution, save Labour cost and handling time reduce transportation costs. The goods stored in a plastic tray storage, can make the goods out of the ground, moistureproof, insect-resistant, long time use tray no fading, no pollution bearing products, pallet to save storage space.

solution supporting service
plastic tray of static and dynamic of this lease, the use of according to customer demand across the country to provide and recycling plastic tray.
food box basket leasing and sales services, to provide customers with high quality storage and display devices;
with tray cleaning, disinfection services, guarantee the health security of the goods;
provide products according to customer requirements traceability services;
with refrigerated vehicles and distribution services.

in material industry, Plastic collapsible craterequirements in terms of packaging, the so-called packaging is a lot of goods to meet up, then pile up to the functioning of tray, constitute a big package, so can facilitate the transportation of a large number of objects, is of great help for transportation industry. Plastic pallet aggregation and ordinary aggregate is not the same, no matter at what time, Plastic collapsible crateto be able to let the goods of the static caused dynamic.

plastic tray in material use is common in the industry, it is a strain of packaging. To locate for a plastic tray, plastic tray in material industry is in the transport, and packaging container, its feet color positioning is not strong, it also expounds plastic tray position of the tension in material industry.

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