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Plastic tray - introduce

by:Qusheng     2020-10-29
Plastic tray ( 托盘) Is to facilitate the cargo handling, transportation, warehousing and distribution by can carry some quantity of the products and use of load and port of loading and unloading of forklift with plate. It is the most humble in the logistics industry, but the ubiquity of a kind of logistics equipment, is a major means of static goods into dynamic goods. Although only one meter square size, but 'can move the earth', so they are called 'the ground of the activity', 'moving goods'.

it originated in the Pacific war in the 1930 s, the U. S. military for the first time to use tray to improve cargo handling efficiency, ensure the material supply. Then, tray has been widely applied in the countries all over the world, is considered to be one of the two key innovations in the logistics industry in the 20th century.

at present there are 80% of trade in goods in the United States by the tray delivery, 2 each year in Europe. 800 million tray in circulation among enterprises. China has about 100 million tray, 90% of whom are wooden pallets, only 8% recycled plastic tray. Due to the pallet specification standard in our country, and the lack of Shared system tray, so most of the tray enterprises for internal use only. At present, the logistics of the rapid expansion of the scale, causing the total tray in rapid growth at the rate of 20 million each year. Plastic tray [ 2] Qualitative light, water resistance, not easily influenced by pests, beautiful, neat, can be used repeatedly, is conducive to open operation and storage. Compared with the wooden tray, its hardness and flow can improve the utilization rate of 3 - 5 times. Single-sided and double-sided machine has two Plastic collapsible cratetype, double-sided type was divided into two kinds of monolithic and packaged. The current domestic Plastic collapsible cratewith injection molding most, extrusion, blow molding molding in times, extrusion molding products use is not too much, vacuum forming rarely used.
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