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Plastic tray is advantageous to the prevention and treatment of plastic production

by:Qusheng     2021-02-28
The improvement of the system of 'plastic limit' is the top priority. Released in December 2007, the 'plastic limit order' for ten years, the electricity business, express delivery, delivery and other cities emerging industry has brought a lot of waste plastic packaging, plastic boxes, has been the concerns of the experts put forward 'plastic city', how to properly handle the plastic become a new problem. Said the National Development and Reform Commission, the advice is to formulate policy document for plastic garbage pollution prevention and control, the future will be in accordance with the 'limits a batch of, instead of a batch of, a group of' principle, for different production, living and consumption situation used in plastic products, such as points, points category in the field of policy measures are put forward.

as recycled plastic tray, recycled industrial packaging supplies, within the scope of plastic products production and processing in the future will play a bigger role. Eliminates pollutants and waste, so that the plastic pallet industry can develop freely, the Plastic collapsible cratebeen fully made use of many advantages in the packaging industry, to protect the goods, and beautify the goods, and reduce the losses caused by improper packing. Also combines modern social consciousness of environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection and resource conservation, Plastic collapsible cratehas the better performance of health, good to achieve the social consciousness of energy conservation and environmental protection.
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