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Plastic tray is analysed the advantages and characteristics of card board

by:Qusheng     2020-11-05
plastic card board points is sichuan words, tian word card board, card board and nine Angle, graphic card board, card board blow molding a variety of styles, card board with low density polyethylene, polypropylene as raw material, plastic card board characteristics for qualitative light, smooth, plastic card board without nail spine, no scar, tasteless non-toxic plastic card board, plastic card board easy washing disinfection, flame retardant, long life and other characteristics, plastic card board is suitable for storage, logistics and recycling of.

in terms of corrosion resistance, plastic board, plastic wood, steel card board is poor; In terms of resistance to moisture, plastic card board performance; On the resistance to bug eat by moth, card board, plastic board, In terms of the average life expectancy, steel and plastic card board two card board; On the weight of card board, paper, wood and card board has certain advantages; On the bearing capacity, steel card board effect; Paper card board is poorer; On the use of performance, plastic and steel is superior to paper card board, wood card board; * on the price of card board, wooden card board have an advantage, paper and plastic wood, steel card board is expensive.

however, due to in the practical use, according to different purposes, some card board is other varieties are difficult to replace.

plastic pallet carrying heavy objects, for example, has its unsubstitutable steel card board.

but overall, plastic, plastic wood composite and paper card board will be a promising product, and one for plastic card board.

plastic card board of environmental protection, export customs inspection certificate.

the characteristics of the plastic tray:

plastic tray is the use of PEPP thermoplastics, such as add some additives, improve performance by injection molding, blow molding process.

as the production conditions, storage conditions, the requirement of increasing the process control, quality management, because the wooden pallets in health status and unable to overcome the limitations of standard production, plastic tray, and quickly occupied a place. At present has been widely used in machinery, electronics, food, medicine, clothing, etc.

plastic tray compared with wooden pallets, plastic tray, integral sex is good health and clean, easy to wash disinfection, have qualitative light, in use without a stud, acid and alkali resistant, mildew and other characteristics, its service life is wooden pallets of 5 - Seven times.

in addition, the Plastic collapsible crateconforms to the requirements of environmental protection, waste plate materials can be recycled.

although plastic pallet prices are relatively high, but the use of cost accounting is lower than the wooden pallets.

  1. Longitudinal force: Plastic collapsible crateinstant of longitudinal force can prevent pallets of goods in scattered by the lift of the truck;

  2. Bending: plastic tray after being on the shelves, the bending will gradually increase, the bending in the automatic warehouse cannot exceed 10 mm;

  3. The impact resistance and durability;

  4. Usability: plastic tray light weight, simple operation, easy to enter, forklift stable size;

  5. Dynamic load: Plastic collapsible crateto use a forklift can allow lift weight; Static load: in the pallet, can bear the weight of the tray below; Overhead load: put the pallet packing of the goods on the shelves allows a weight. The load quantity is different with shelves, temperature and storage period there is a close relationship;

  6. Health: do not decay, and do not absorb moisture, easy to wash, easy to dry, no insects and bacteria;

  7. security: light weight, no nails, projection;

  8. service life is long, can be recycled.
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