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Plastic tray is my lifelong love

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
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reporter: hello cui always, I'm glad you in spite of being very busy toglance accept our interview, first of all take the liberty to ask, you engaged in this industry many years plastic tray? What motivates you have been engaged in this industry.
angiotesin: I was engaged in plastic pallet industry began in 2006, when a coincidence of opportunity to enter the industry is a perfect stranger to me at the time, since the line is down should be the eleven years. Basically this eleven years and China plastic pallet industry rise, development, and a process of anxiety. Source, if the power, that is moved by the customer, want to know our company is the manufacturer of your delivery, the first in the industry initiative is simple, to implement, it needs to customers absolutely trust to us. Now basically all mainstream manufacturers in payment for your shipment, but in a few years ago this was unimaginable, so most should thank or client, the client has been Qusheng trust and support to us.

reporter: I'm sorry, interrupting cui, always anxious you say? Can be simple and we say it to me?
angiotesin: ok, since 2014, domestic plastic raw material prices began to fall, raw material prices and timely response to the Plastic collapsible crateproducts. Many factory pricing and adjustment of raw materials are not synchronized, this leads to a price war, price war often only need a factory to do flash, in 2015, the year the industry all anxiety on the price, seems no one should be put in the first quality and formula to give sufficient attention. We really don't want to see some factories in order to compete on price, lower quality, and so on the failure reason, have to say that the market is merciless, a reasonable price control mechanism is necessary. There is no human sentiment changes in temperature to the survival of the fittest competition in the market, maybe all of the industry are the same, the inevitable after germination, growth, proliferation, anxiety, and be rational this several stages, believe in we don't have to be the industry in the future will be more standard, the market will precipitate out there are a group of outstanding strength as manufacturers.

reporter: as a kind of warehouse turnover tools, plastic tray is mainly used in what industry?
angiotesin: difficult to answer this question, Ha ha) , if make clear the specific which industries, may really need to pour out a few days. So to speak, into the size of the domestic enterprises, as long as there is warehouse, products involving turnover can use plastic pallet, all walks of life, so to speak. The most widely used industry generally is the food industry, pharmaceutical industry.

reporter: https://www. cnpalletbox。 Com/plastic tray, plastic card board what are the advantages in market competition?
angiotesin: Qusheng plastic founded in 1992, has 20 years of experience in plastic products production, research on plastic formula has accumulated rich experience, and in the long-term production and sales, accumulated a certain reputation.
northeast China and xinjiang in order to develop the market in 2008, the company constantly development finally in the low temperature resistant plastic pallets made a revolutionary breakthrough, before the domestic tray is common in the use of the region to low temperature brittle shortcomings and so on easy to crack. While many companies are also now learning or research and development of low temperature resistant plastic tray, but Qusheng plastic confidence in terms of research and development of resistance to low temperature in the industry.
Qusheng plastic gradually to collectivization development, currently has Qusheng properties ( The registered capital of 30 million) , Qusheng trade ( The registered capital of 10 million) , such as Long Ding property parallel to the company. In addition Qusheng plastic and socor reached a strategic partnership, in the era of the Internet and pioneered the use of big data analysis needs of customers and sales hot spots, relying on the informatization construction of Plastic collapsible cratecirculation opens up a new path in sales.

reporter: do you think the plastic pallet industry has tended saturated?
angiotesin: far from, the current domestic market share of Plastic collapsible cratealso is far lower than traditional wooden pallets. For an example of a figure, just like the human brain, developed only rarely part of the future market prospect is very big. Also with the demand of modern warehousing and transportation, there will be more dedicated tray and higher technological content of products, although the temporary a little difficulty in the industry, the bottleneck is only temporary, the whole, I always believe that choose this profession is a wise decision. Qusheng plastic will continue to focus on research and development of plastic tray, wing for the first. Thank you very much!

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