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Plastic tray manufacturer to tell you how to clean plastic tray

by:Qusheng     2020-10-28
is the enterprise must finished goods to flow, the delivery of packing materials, but now the tray in use process, becomes more and more dirty, become influence workshop, warehouse, cleanliness of a link. Tray cleaning necessity. Through investigation, we found that the Plastic collapsible crateis surface grid, more surface holes, there will be a lot of squares so cleaning may be more difficult, the best solution is to use a soft brush scrub, deserve to go up some detergent and warm water, cleaning up is much more convenient. cleaning is also have certain rules, has the certain method. Wrong cleansing, not only can not reach the purpose of cleaning, and may cause harm to the plastic pallet, the best thing to do is plastic tray will drag the empty place, and then use clean water pipe on the plastic tray, rinse with clear water only need appropriate to the first time. Because ordinary plastic tray if simply used to store goods, there will be hard to clean the stain, but many are long dust accumulation, can clean, wash with water. cleaning is also a part of the daily maintenance, so at the time of work must be meticulous in place to ensure the cleaning result. In addition, if you don't want to too much trouble for cleaning, please select a flat tray, as much as possible so that we can effectively solve the difficulty of cleaning.
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