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Plastic tray mat effect

by:Qusheng     2020-11-01
plus mat 'mean in the middle of the plastic pallet design in a certain position in carrying a piece of rubber on the surface of the goods, is a plastic tray in carrying the goods in the process of a kind of important prevent slippery design.
the side with the plastic tray in carrying the goods is equipped with rubber mat, the rubber pad installed through its front end the expansion of the head in the mounting holes on the surface of the tray. Mat structure has the processing convenient installation, the installation is not easy to fall, after the tray of antiskid advantages with good effect. Works by plastic tray mat is primarily a non-slip surface texture is the principle design, on the surface of plastic tray, when the goods are placed on the surface plastic tray increase the friction force on the plastic tray and packing to prevent slippery.
so you can see, when on the surface of the plastic pallet the goods have the effect of anti-skid, forklift when handling plastic pallet fork at the bottom of the surface in contact with the Plastic collapsible crateis through the non-slip mat.

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