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Plastic tray material is what you know?

by:Qusheng     2020-11-10
Compared with the traditional wooden pallets, high-tech control technology, plastic tray material with its own connotation quality and size precision of the plastic tray and load level satisfactory, health plastic pallet material adopts low-voltage high-density polyethylene, dust pollution. Surface light Plastic collapsible crateforming process is under high temperature and high pressure sealing material.

all examples of plastic tray material is suitable for the nature of health, such as food, medicines, beer and drinks. In many places, the health, clean room, mutual infiltration pollution issues, wood products focus on mold and dust is inherent. It can use the new wooden pallets, especially in high humidity, unacceptable, due to pollution, and the product. In addition to the professional health may tray sealing surface lubrication cordoned off entirely, remove any impurities accumulated in the plastic tray structure.

plastic tray can be rinsed clean or repeated, in order to eliminate any air dust, or sprinkled on pallets and other products have accumulated for a period of time. Whatever operating conditions, Plastic collapsible cratematerial will not absorb water, even the most unfortunate situation. Commonly used polyethylene and polypropylene plastic tray is not affected by weak acid and alkali decay factor.

for example, China is also considering restrictions on imported goods, within the scope of the plan, the goods may be contamination by pests wooden pallets the jungle. In the case of normal processing, a plastic tray can weaken the materials, loose nails, don't change the shape of the cases used for 10 years. In terms of the service life of the plastic tray material is easier to replace wooden pallets.

in general, with the increase of material plastic pallet loading capacity, some people will support the upper, increase the confusion and strength. No matter whether there is an open tray, lubrication part or fixed roof ( With or without the smallest cut, from a program that light load, by shaping the feet of the three people, and those who have a high enough around the base.

static load is applied to compare each rough use is special, it is difficult, and to provide precise rules is the most appropriate style. The goal of this guide, however, is as a basic guide.

light plastic pallet material of bearing capacity and plastic tray is cheap. We one by one, the air cargo export to the lower floor of the warehouse. Not suitable for heavy shelves. High load, medium price. One by one, air export, a low floor warehouse. Not suitable for heavy shelves. Safe handling, no nails and debris. No mold, dust and dirt. It applies to health. Waterproof, moistureproof, weak acid and weak base.

the bidirectional shelves sensitivity, provides a complete around the base, with additional loading ability, make the tray is very suitable for fully use scattered in any situation. The good life is in the case of a 'closed loop'.

in this paper, by the plastic pallet material, this article views do not represent the views.
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